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TITLE OF PAPER (hereinafter, “the Work”):


The undersigned hereby wants to publish the Work submitted to the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science (the “KIEES”) and consents the following terms under copyright that may exist in and to the above Work.

1. The Work has not been published previously nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.

2. The Work is original with the author(s) and in no part violates the copyright or other rights in any other publication.

3. The undersigned considers the authors are responsible to the Work and agrees with the final contents of the manuscript.

4. The undersigned assigns to the KIEES all rights under copyright of the above Work, any revised or expanded derivative works including rights in electronic publishing in case of publication of the Work in JKIEES (Journal of KIEES).

The undersigned represents that he/she has the power and authority to make and execute this assignment

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